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Dear Jenny,

omfg I can’t believe you’re growing up too fast but ok here’s my birthday greet. well tbh thank you soo much for being a big part of my life and thank you for sticking up with me this past years. I remember before we didn’t really know eachother haha but now we got close and I’m glad I found a wonderful pretty friend like you. why you gotta live so far faggot huh ohh well. I remember you following me in my first tumblr yeah it been a while I know but yeah I miss camming with you, veto and everyone else. I appreciate you for being a great friend and bless to hae you in my life. it’s your birthday or was it yesterday yeah yesterday I forgot lol ohh well jenny if you need anyone or anything I’m here if you need me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL. stay happy and always keep up a great smile on your face! love you mucho jenny!

-Ramburrito lol

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